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JULY 2017
The Memorial Hall trustees have made land available on the Memorial Hall site, free of charge, on which the Explore library could be built for the benefit of the community.
We have also had professional drawings prepared for the scheme and have obtained professional costings for the work.
The whole scheme to erect the library, and the building which will join it to the hall (the linking section), has been costed at £877,183 excluding VAT or £1,052,620 including VAT.
City of York Council have pledged £499,200 (a VAT inclusive figure) to build the library and fit up the library kitchen.
They have stated they will only do this if the new library building is physically joined to the Memorial Hall (by the linking section) so that both organisations (Explore and the Memorial Hall) can work together.
The task of raising the balance of £553,420 (a VAT inclusive figure) was handed to us by City of York Council in March 2017. They set a deadline of 31st March 2018 for us to achieve this and informed us that if the money is not raised by the deadline, they may withdraw their offer.
Wishing to take up this opportunity, which we believe would greatly benefit the residents of Haxby and Wigginton, we very quickly obtained and agreed to pay for the services of a professional team of fundraisers and bid writers to help obtain the necessary funding.
We are relying heavily on this help, however, even if the efforts of this team are completely successful and the funds for which they have applied are achieved, there will be a shortfall of approximately £200,000.
It should be noted that when the original plans were submitted for approval, the old library was still in use
and we were advised to include as much as possible in the drawings because it is easier to omit a facility from an approved plan than it is to add it later.
The plans therefore included three houses and five craft workshops and planning approval was given on 9th January 2015. (The approved plans can be seen by copying and pasting the link below into your browser)
However, because of the structural failure of the existing library building and it's subsequent demolition,
all our fundraising activites in relation to the approved plans are now concentrated solely on the “Library to the Memorial Hall” project.
Regardless of what may be out there on social media, the money we are seeking is being raised for the “Library to the Memorial Hall” project only and not for houses or craft units. We are working with City of York Council and Explore to provide a much needed library for our community. Of course, our main priority is to run the hall itself for the benefit of the community but having been tasked to get the library onto the Memorial Hall site, we rose to the challenge and now have the “Library to the Memorial Hall” project as our key objective.
The firm intention of this scheme is to benefit the community so, please have your say but also please give your wholehearted support to our efforts.
All your fundraising assistance will be much appreciated, if we don't get the funds it won't happen.

MARCH 2017
City of York Council Decision Session: Investing in a new library for Haxby & Wigginton
Plans to invest £500,000 into library services for residents in the Haxby and Wigginton area of York will be considered at a decision session on 13 March at 4.30pm.
The report will be considered by the executive member for leisure, culture and tourism, Cllr Ayre. 
It seeks to achieve an in principle commitment and timescale for a new library to vastly improve the quality of the service for residents in Haxby and Wigginton.
This follows the closure of the previous library after a structural survey found the building to be unsafe.
Following the closure of the library the children’s library offer was relocated to Oaken Grove community centre until an additional mobile library is able to serve Haxby and Wigginton.
This has been funded by a one off capital grant of £80,000.
The report recommends that the executive member approves an option to co-locate the library in the Memorial Hall.
This aligns with the long term vision for libraries to move from stand alone facilities into community buildings co-located with other partners. 
By securing better locations with higher footfall potential, the aim is to lower overheads and provide new income streams for Explore.
Alternative options have been considered for other sites in Haxby and Wigginton including Haxby Hall, rebuilding on the existing site, other community buildings, but none of the other options have the advantages of the Memorial Hall site. 
Executive member for leisure, culture and tourism, Cllr Nigel Ayre, said: “It’s important that we take this opportunity to look at how we can provide a library service for the residents of Haxby and Wigginton to enjoy.
The proposals align with our long term vision to enable libraries to be more financially viable to help secure their long term future.” 
The report also asks the executive member to not that demolition of the previous building on the secured site will take place in April 2017.
The executive member for culture, leisure and tourism’s decision session will take place on Monday 13 March at West Offices from 4.30pm and is open to members of the public or is available to watch later online from: 
To find out more about the report, or to attend, visit:

With the events that have happened regarding Haxby Library we are now in meetings with the Library Service, Haxby Town Council and York City Council and local councillors to bring the Library To The Hall Project forward so that we can accomodate the Library on site within the Memorial Hall site.
We are moving the project forward with the Library being moved to the new location within the grounds of Haxby Memorial Hall.
We will keep you informed of the Library To The Hall Project on this page so keep looking for more news!

JUNE 2016
A consultation took place in 2008/2009 to determine what the majority of people wanted to happen to the hall.
67% of respondents voted for Haxby Library, presently located just outside the village on Station Road, to move to the Hall site.
The Trustees voted to accept the result of the public vote and a sub-committee was set up.
This group carried out considerable work.
Their findings were handed over to the Trustees, who have actively continued with the process.
More information will be released as it becomes available.
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