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Provisional Booking Enquiry

Please note: When hiring the main hall, or the whole site, use of the kitchen is included if you require it. If you are not hiring the whole site, there may be other hirers using the premises.
Use only the hooks provided to hang decorations etc inside the hall. 
Licensing Notes Etc.
Haxby Memorial Hall has a Premises License authorizing the following regulated entertainment and licensable activities between the hours of 9am and midnight each day. 
1. Indoor sporting events, boxing or wrestling entertainment
2. The performance of plays or the exhibition of films
3. Performance of live music. Playing of recorded music
4. Making music
5. The playing or performance of copyrighted music
6. Dancing or the performance of dance
7. Entertainment similar to those above
8. The provision of hot food / drink after 11pm
9. The supply of alcohol. (See note below) 
10. Use for items 2 – 7 above outside the permitted hours of 9am to midnight
No, unless a Temporary Event Notice is in force
A Temporary Event Notice may be required
No, unless a Temporary Event Notice is in force
* Temporary Event Notice (TEN)
Temporary Event Notice :- The Memorial Hall is not licensed for items 1, 8, 9, and 10 above. If you wish to use the Hall for licensable activities for which the Hall is not licensed, it is your responsibility to have a Temporary Event Notice in force. Permission must first be granted by the Trustees. A booking form will serve as your request to the Trustees for their permission. If your request is accepted, the Trustees written permission will be sent to you together with a guide about the Temporary Event Notice.
Alcohol :- If you sell alcohol a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) is required even if your event is private. If you are providing free refreshments including alcohol, or you are bringing your own alcohol, a TEN is not required, unless you charge for admission either at the door or by advance ticket sales, when a TEN is required. 
If those attending bring their own alcohol and you are not providing complimentary alcoholic drinks and you are not selling alcohol then a TEN is not required even when you charge for admission.
Music :- The hall is licensed by PRS and PPL for Musical Performances. This includes live music by performers in person at concerts, recitals and other events; background music by radio; television; tape, record, disc players; jukeboxes; music at discotheque or karaoke sessions; film and video shows; aerobic, keep fit and dance classes.
Fire Exit Doors :- Tables and chairs and other obstructions MUST NOT be placed across or in front of Fire Exit Doors.
Condition Deposits :- For adult parties (over 21), wedding receptions and any entertainment events a condition deposit of £200 is required. A condition deposit is not usually required for other events. This deposit is payable when the booking has been accepted and confirmed in writing to you by the Trustees. The condition deposit will be refunded in full after the event unless: 
 a, any room in the hall is not left in a clean or tidy condition.
 b, there is damage to the interior of the premises or it's contents, the building exterior, the car park or the garden.
 c, the Conditions of Hire, including hire times are infringed.
In these instances the deposit or part thereof may be retained by the Trust. 
The full hire fee is payable at least fourteen days before the date of the booking.
Cancellations :- Cancellations made with less than 14 days notice may be subject to a charge, at the discretion of the Trustees.

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